Lanka Kade Animal Checklists

Lanka Kade Animal Checklists

Do you already have the goat? Why have you got four giraffes? Which purple dinosaur have you got? Can Grandma buy you the hedgehog? Do Lanka Kade have a panda in their range?

If these are questions you have found yourself asking then we are sorry to inform that you are suffering from a severe case of too many animals, not enough checklists. But fear not! We have the remedy of all remedies, the list of all lists which will make all of your organising dreams come true; the Lanka Kade checklists are finally here.

We have created two checklists; one for our animals in our natural range and one for our natural colourful animals which make it super easy for you to organise your animal kingdom. Use the checklists to see which animals you have and which you need! The checklists are in year of design and code order and includes all of the animals available individually in our natural and natural colourful ranges.

To minimise waste we have uploaded them as a PDF for you to print off yourself or check off on your mobile or tablet.

For our NATURAL COLOURFUL collectors checklist click here

Checklist from Mrs P Plus Three
Image courtesy of Lanka Kade Brand Rep @Mrs.P.Plus.Three

For our NATURAL collectors checklist click here

Checklist from Jade Zobbo

Image courtesy of Lanka Kade Brand Rep @mamazobbostribe

. . . but that’s not all! These checklists not only help organise, they are also a wonderful playtime activity for little ones. Print yours off, get out the crayons and encourage your child to learn through play by asking:

Shall we pick out your animals?
Can you find all the animals with stripes?
Where are all the birds?
Can you tick off all of the grey animals?
Where is the animal that goes ‘moo’?

Children will love matching their animals to those on their sheet or working it out with their siblings and friends.

Happy ticking, checking and collecting! Don’t forget to tag us on Social Media or use #lankakadeanimals when using your checklist – we love to see our animals out in the wild.

Checklist from Cornish Rainbow Mumma
Image courtesy of Lanka Kade Brand Rep @cornish_rainbow_mumma

Right banner image courtesy of Lanka Kade Brand Rep @my_three_little_strawberries
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Posted by Millie Sibley
30th April 2019

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