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Sunil's story

Working for one of Lanka Kade's producers has changed Sunil's life in many ways.

When Sunil left school there was no employment in the local area, so he went away to work as a paint sprayer for a furniture maker. The pay was inadequate and meant he had to live in cheap accommodation away from home.

Since joining one of Lanka Kade's producers; he has moved back home and his life has drastically changed. He has been retrained as a screen printer, giving him an opportunity to take home a higher wage and work in a better environment.

"My employer listens to Lanka Kade and has made many big improvements to our working conditions."

He said: "I have been given a skill. My employer gives me regular work and we always receive our wages on time."

Sunil met his wife at work, she is a hand painter and often his producers give him extra work to take home for her to complete.

Sunil lived in a 10 foot square government house with his wife, their young daughter and his mother. His regular guaranteed wage and support from his employer has enabled him to extend and improve their home over time.

"My employer gave me an interest free loan to make our kitchen."

Loans like this can be life changing and are unheard of in the majority of workplaces in Sri Lanka. Lanka Kade encourages their producers to support their workforce. Our aim is to instil a culture where independance is always actively supported.

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