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our fair trade policy

In addition to following the internationally accepted 10 Principles of Fair Trade, Lanka Kade has their own fair trade policy.

To everyone employed by Lanka Kade, this fair trade policy is a lot more than a statement of intent. It's about giving real opportunities to real people to enable their independence and give them the ability to provide for themselves and their families with pride.

Product designs ensure local skills are respected, enhanced and secured.

All Lanka Kade products are made by ten family enterprises, with whom we have long-term working commitments. Products are designed in the UK for each producer to utilise and develop their individual knowledge and skills.

Regular employment is assured and payments are prompt.

Lanka Kade aims to provide continual employment to all producers throughout the year. Representatives are employed full-time in Sri Lanka to coordinate shipments, liaise with the UK on behalf of producers, and to arrange prompt payment for goods supplied to Lanka Kade.

Full and fair prices are paid for products.

Each business is independent and supplies directly to Lanka Kade. Middlemen are not involved and commissions are not paid, thus enabling producers to receive a full and fair price for their products. The UK is in regular contact with all producers by phone, Skype, email as well as visiting throughout the year.

Partnerships include investments to help producers develop and expand.

Lanka Kade offers producers long-term, interest free loans for the development of their business, plus free confidential financial advice and guidance from a qualified, experienced Sri Lankan accountant.

Child labour is not used.

Children are not involved in the production of items for Lanka Kade.

Partnerships help foster safe working conditions, living wages and non discriminatory policies.

Lanka Kade works to improve and update each producer's understanding and working practise of fair trade. Producers are expected to offer a quality product at a fair trade price, maintain a safe pleasant working environment, provide equal opportunities, good rates of pay, and prompt payments for both employees and their suppliers accountant.

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