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In 2013, as part of Lanka Kade's endeavour to encourage independence and enhance the working experience for the employees of our producers, we teamed up with our producers to host a Sri Lankan New Year Party.

The day was held at Lanka Reception Hall, Bandaragama, with the aim to encourage collaboration and teamwork between the employees, and to allow them to get to know each other better outside of the workplace. All employees from our 8 producers were invited, along with an invitation for their children, totalling 154 attendees.

The day began in traditional Sri-Lankan style with our Director, Upul, lighting a traditional oil lamp to signal the start of proceedings.  Children and parents then took part in a number of traditional Sri Lankan games including; 'Banis Kema' - eating buns from a hanging cord with hands tied behind your back, 'Kasiya Seweema' - finding a coin in a bowl of flour which can only be removed by blowing, 'Thun Pa Deweema' - the classic three legged race, and lots more.

The afternoon started with lunch for the employees, accompanied by a live band. The music continued throughout the afternoon, incorporating games such as 'Musical Chairs', 'Best Dancer', 'Best Dancing Couple' and Upul's favourite the 'Balloon Dance'.

The New Years Party concluded with an awards ceremony and closing remarks from Upul. Karunawathi, Lanka Kade Export, said: "This was the first time we organised such a big event and I was so proud it was such a success."

Following the triumph of 2013's party, Lanka Kade decided again this year to hold a New Year Party. As a result of feedback from employees last year, Lanka Kade extended invitations to all employees partners, as well as their children.

The party took a similar format as the previous year, with 230 attendees playing traditional games throughout the morning, followed by lunch and dancing in the afternoon. There was even a 'Tug of War' between the different producers.

Our different producers and their employees rarely get the chance to meet each other, despite all supplying the same company and sharing the same direction for our work. Our New Year's parties are organised to bring together and reward the people who make Lanka Kade what it is.

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