Symbols and information

Every manufacturer or first supplier in the Community must place a CE mark on his toy to indicate that it has been made in conformity with the essential safety requirements of the directive.

It is an enforcement mark (not a sign of quality or safety) and was established to ensure free movement of product throughout the European Union - a sort of passport for toys. It has to appear, along with the first supplier's name and address "in a visible, legible and indelible form" on the toy or its packaging.

This pictogram began appearing on toys in 1995 and means Warning - do not give the toy to children less than three years, nor allow them to play with it. With the symbol or in instructions included in the pack will be given details of the hazard, e.g. "because of small parts".

This symbol will gradually replace the current warning "not suitable for children under 3 years", which has often been confused with age advice - those discretionary guidelines used by the manufacturer to help the buyer match the product with a child's age, interest and ability.