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Upon completion of primary education every Sri Lankan child sits national exams. High achievers are eligible for scholarships to more academic schools regardless of their background, however numerous children are unable to take up these scholarships because of their inability to afford the transport costs and material requirements like books and uniforms. 

Lanka Kade and its producers financially support a number of rural Sri Lankan students awarded scholarships so that they can continue their education in higher achieving schools. As always, the aim is to encourage independence, which for children begins with education.

Sponsored students must be motivated to succeed academically and have the support of their family to continue their studies.

Gishara is a talented science A level student but her family finances would have prevented her taking up her scholarship opportunity. Committed to studying hard in challenging conditions, Gishara was sponsored by our educational foundation and a local producer in her hope of pursuing a career in medicine.

Santhaka was also born into a poor family in Dungalpitiya. He wasn't very successful in school but managed to complete studies at A levels with a lot of difficulties. His family's lack of financial stability meant he would have no option but to seek immediate employment and contribute to the family income. His interest from childhood was in electrical work and ideally dreamed of pursuing training in this subject but this did not appear to be an option for him. 

The Lanka Kade Educational Foundation noted his skills and the interest he showed in electrical work, we believed that given a proper formal training, Santhaka would be able to find his own way in life.

The foundation funded a scholarship to complete an electrical and electronic course conducted by Don Bosco Vocational Training center in Negombo.

Now, having completed the two year course, Sankatha is one of three students from a group of 120 to be offered a six month work placement at Peradeniya University. Sankatha is now set to enjoy a positive and independent future working his way out of poverty as a qualified electrician.

Lanka Kade is looking to sponsor up to five more students in need of financial assistance to take up their scholarship opportunity

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