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Our Sri Lankan producers are independent businesses - most began working with Lanka Kade as small family-run cottage industries. They are true artisans, skilled craftspeople in their own right, expanding to offer employment within their local communities.

Lanka Kade supports their development with continuity of orders, a fair price and also:

  • Training and advice in financial management, staff management, VAT accounting and cash flows
  • Interest free long-term business loans
  • Support to open and administer business bank accounts
  • Free confidential accounting advice from a qualified Sri Lankan accountant
  • Training in Health & Safety and First Aid for all employees
  • Supplier support meetings and information exchange
  • Support to understand and comply with the Fair Trade Principles

Lanka Kade gave us a (interest free) loan to buy our workshop and cutting place, before then we were renting a workshop. Now we own two workshops and its the best time in mine and my children's lives. Thank you to Diane and Upul and everybody at Lanka Kade, they have helped changed my life and helped my village. What Lanka Kade has given to me I now give to my employees. 

A business relying on advances, interest free loans and prompt payments creates a dependency - a credit card mentality. The training, confidential financial advice, and support given by Lanka Kade to their producers is structured to gradually reduce reliance upon financial assistance. Prompt payments should be used to strengthen the business and develop long term independence, with skills for life.

I'm setting up my own business, it is not easy but I am happy I made the decision to do so. I can discuss problems with Lanka Kade. I am trying to avoid all the mistakes I saw in previous employments.

Every new business needs support to manage the steep learning curve moving from employee to employer. Lanka Kade suppliers benefit from regular opportunities to network with other Lanka Kade suppliers sharing knowledge, experiences and skills in addition to the direct help and advice on offer from the Lanka Kade team both in Sri Lanka and from the UK. 

When I compare this with previous employees, the workplace is a lot friendlier, the facilities are better and we are given benefits. There is something special about you.

Lanka Kade actively encourages our producers to create a gratifying workplace; whether that applies to the facilities, management, pay or any other associated benefits. A number of our producers take their employees on religious pilgrimages annually, in some instances inviting their families to join them. We also advocate flexible working hours; as often families in rural, indigent areas are reliant on one member of the family providing and caring for several of them.

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