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first aid courses

Starting a business is a challenge anywhere in the world but starting a business with no previous experience, no bank account, and no knowledge of accounts or employment regulations is more of a challenge.

Our team at Lanka Kade provide not just a product design, a route to market and prompt payment but also much needed training and support on a variety of topics and levels. Our biannual first aid courses are offered free of charge to the employees of all our producers.

Last year's two day first aid course was taught by St John's Ambulance Sri Lanka and focused on international comprehensive first aid. The schedule for the course covered; CPR, dressing and bangaging, shock management, fractures & dislocation, poisoning and burns.

25 employees from different producers participated over the two day training programme, with six of them completing a refresher course. All participants have to go through written and practical tests, those candidates who pass both tests are issued with certificates to validate this.

Feedback from participants was extremely positive; they thanked Lanka Kade for giving them the opportunity to gain experience of first aid. These skills had not only benefited them in the workplace, but also proved invaluable in their family life. Financial management is always a hot topic. Moving on from and understanding the difference between managing finances for a day to day family existence to managing the finances and accounts to run a business, month to month, with employees is a steep and difficult learning curve. Lanka Kade run training programmes for producers, with the objective of improving their business skills, and continually developing a producer's knowledge and independence.

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