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If you haven't noticed already, we love to shout about our producers! Without their skill, enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude, Lanka Kade would not be where we are today. This page gives you a chance to see what they think of us, as well as an insight into the lives of the people on the other side of the world who are responsible for making our wonderful toys and gifts. Keep your eyes peeled for our new packaging where you'll also find their friendly faces. Read our artisan's full stories by using the navigation menu on the right.

I heard a new toy workshop was being built in the village and I applied for a job there. The manager treats everyone equal and I pray for them to be successful. I earn a lot from there and do not have transport problems because I walk to work. Now I am 52, and I am happy because both of my children are leading good lives. My only wish is to stay working for the toy company and lead a happy life.

My boss is very good to me - his whole family is good to me. Having the workshop in the village has helped a lot of village people, their lives have got better. I wish this workshop will grow daily and orders will come through to create even more jobs in the village.

When my dad passed away, it made me feel stressed, sick and upset. At the same time my wife had twins and our financial problems began again. Then I met Upul, we had some discussions and he gave me a small order to try. That was the happiest day because we knew Lanka Kade would look after us.

My best memory is when I went to the zoo. My father knew someone at the zoo who looked after the lions. He took us into the lion's cage when the lion was sleeping. I stroked the lion but he woke up. I was very scared but the man told us not to panic so we went out of the cage without making a noise. Since then I am very afraid of lions...

Lanka Kade look into the needs of the employees and have built a friendly relationship between us. They are the best at giving us better benefits and facilities. That is their speciality.

I started working here first in 1999. After some training I now work as a hand painter for skittles and skipping ropes. I have enjoyed working here for the 12 years I have been here and have a good time with all the other employees.

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